Apr 24, 2013

What I’ve Been Into Lately

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The title of this post is a bit misleading, I admit. Because truthfully, the bulk of what I’ve been into lately involves not very exciting things like nursing nonstop (so sitting in a chair, then?), thinking of things to eat that can be prepared and shoved into my face with one hand (which evidently doesn’t leave much time for the baking or taking pictures of food), and trying to find time to pee alone. But what I really wanted to do was pop in today, say hello! and we’re still all alive! and sometimes even bathed!, and share a few things that have made my days a little brighter while careening through the Newborn Tunnel of (Sometimes) Hell.

I’ve managed to get back on track with exercise, which has been key in maintaining my sanity. In an unexplained bout of inspiration (and a longing to get back into my regular clothes), two weeks ago I decided to take up running again after nearly a year. To be kind to my post-pregnancy joints and bones, I’ve decided to take it allll the way back to 2003 when I first started running, and ease back into a running routine with the Couch to 5k program. Of course now, instead of obsessively glancing at a watch to track intervals while listening to the very first Maroon 5 album on a CD walkman, there are fancy things like this Couch to 5k app that does all the thinking for you, and features voice cues that gently interrupt your iPhone’s playlist to tell you when to run and when to walk. Awesome. I love technology when it’s idiot-proof.

I ordered this book recently and have bookmarked the bananas out of it. I’ve got mad kitchen plans, believe you me.

I’ve been making this recipe for dinner probably once a week since the baby was born. Add some broccoli and instant brown rice (cooked with chicken or veg stock instead of water), and BOOM. Ultimate easy-yet-satisfying meal. So simple, cheap, kind of old school, kid-friendly, and unreal delicious. And good for two night’s worth of dinners–hallelujah!

We also got a few awesome meals out of this fantastic take on Spanikopita from one of my favorite people, The Wednesday Chef. No better way to get your greens, people. Just add wine.

In the “I’ve made them 100 times, but never blogged about them” category, here are some of the world’s best cookies. In fact, I have a Ziploc full of these frozen cookie dough balls in my freezer right now. It’s how I’ve been keeping my family in freshly baked cookies all these weeks like some kind of deranged June Cleaver.

I haven’t bought any new clothes just yet, but when I do, I’m using this resource. The concept gives me a major case of “Why didn’t I think of that?!”. I’m getting all into it within the next couple months, which is to say when I get a bit more weight off of my maternal midsection.

Okay, so, I lied on that last point. I have purchased these flip flops in Light Gold, which add a little bit of something special to my Dreary Mom Outfits.

To further celebrate the fact that I’m no longer retaining water and my feet have stopped looking like Shrek’s, I got a glorious pedicure with this nail color, which is always my Happy Color. It makes me feel more together even when I’m in pajamas. I have decided that it’s my Forever Toenail Polish. I’ll be working it into my will.

Unlike my strategy with my first child, I’ve had this new kid on the move and out in the world since day 4. It’s saved my sanity. But it’s a bonus when the days involve more than marathon trips to Target. Like lunch at the perfect restaurant with an amazing friend, and making it a double with a dessert pitstop at one of San Francisco’s best bakeries. Now that’s a good day, even if you’ve got a sweaty baby strapped to your chest.

Add to that an actual, in-person meeting (at a new-ish, and completely perfect SF bakery) with a heretofore strictly online friend, during which you find out that she’s as fabulous as you’d hoped, and every bit as lovely as her website. Again with aforementioned baby strapped to chest, but a magical meeting nonetheless. Big ups for real people in an unreal world.


  • Well this was a whole lot of awesome Shauna-ness in one post, my friend. And thank you for what you said–I feel the same way, all the way. It was a magical meeting indeed. (And let us not forget the buttery amazingness that was the Kouign Amann of which I now dream of daily.) *And* to make matters even more magical, I totally knew that nail polish was going to say “Cajun Shrimp” when I clicked the link (love that colour). A little kindred-spirit-connection-induced ESP?

    • Nail polish twinsies on top of everything else? Crazy!

  • Congratulations! A baby in your arms has no comparison, it’s teh best recipe in the world, recipe for joy, for tenderness, for uniting a family…. A great post, enjoy every second and a ll the best for this lovely little one in your life!

    • What a sweet note, thank you!

  • So many links – I have lots of clicking to do! Great to hear what you’ve been up to these days and congratulations again on your new addition. I love the Couch 2 5K app – I use it all the time even though I’ve finished it. Now I just run one of the last ones every time I go running because like you said, it’s idiot proof and the little man tells me when I can stop. Genius!

    • That is so smart! I didn’t think of using it once I complete the program. Thanks!

  • Congratulations Shauna to you and your family on the birth of your new little one. That newborn stage is precious and fleeting, although it doesn’t always seem like that when you’re in it. Much joy and happiness to you! And, thanks for all the great links. Just got the Bake It Like You Mean It book and I can’t wait to dive into it. Happy to have another bakery to check out in SF. Love the nail color, and, we obviously have the same taste in flip flops!

    • b. patisserie is a MUST! It just might be the next Tartine. I said it.

  • Thanks for the love, sista! I just downloaded that running app a few days ago. Now to find a babysitter so I can actually leave the house without my PRESHUS GAH. xo

  • sooooo cute!!!

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  • What a great post, and congratulations on your baby. I’m a huge fan of both of your books – I thumb through Pure Vanilla almost weekly! Love the links…I’m off to check out that baking book now….

  • hi shauna! found you again through rosie at sweetapolita’s post… first of all CONGRATULATIONS on your baby’s birth! yay! and i am impressed (inspired??) that you have taken up running again.. i like the non daunting approach of the Couch to 5km. I had my little guy 8 months ago and i was sure i would be back to my fitness again… not quite. :p

    i also love that you and rosie got to meet in person, finally.. i have so many nice cake-blog-related online friends too from all over who i would love to meet one day! so cool you guys actually did it!! ^__^

    enjoy every moment with your new sweet little one! 🙂

  • I’m just getting into blogs and blogging and discovering a whole new fun world (especially fantastic when you get to meet new friends like you have!). I’m expecting in September and love the inspiration you’ve posted for getting back in shape, looking good while doing it (love a good nail polish color!) and *still* keeping freshly-baked cookies on the table. Pure genius. Adorable photo too. Congratulations!

  • This comment is overdue but I had a FABuLOUS time with you and the little one at the perfect restaurant. I can’t wait to do it again. Soon, I hope!

    • Love you, boo. xo

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