Apr 17, 2014

10 Awesome Homemade Marshmallow Recipes

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It’s here! Spring has sprung, friends! And with it comes one of favorite times of the year, High Marshmallow Making Season. You might have figured as much, seeing as I am crazy enough to have written an entire book full of from-scratch marshmallow recipes. As many (hundreds! thousands!) batches of mallows that I’ve whipped up over the years, I never tire of watching sticky sugar syrup spin into fluffy clouds of whipped sugar heaven. It’s like a unicorns-traveling-on-a-rainbow-level of magic. And with Easter weekend nearly here (already, for real?), it got me thinking about some of my favorite homemade mallow recipes. Let’s all indulge ourselves in a sweet, fluffy, puffy hug, shall we?

If you want to get down with any of these recipes, you might want to check out my list of Homemade Marshmallow Troubleshooting Tips.

Happy Mallowing, everyone!

Classic Vanilla Marshmallows. A classic for a reason. Soft, pillowy, and vanilla-y. The perfect springboard for a million flavor possibilities.

Carrot Cake Marshmallows. My favorite mad scientist baker Irvin from Eat the Love whipped these babies up a while back, and they still fill me with cheer.

Bubble Gum Marshmallows. Honestly, one of my very favorite flavors. Pink plus fluffy chew plus a hint of bubble gum just feels right.

Lucky Charms Marshmallows. Can’t get over how adorable these are. Awesome swirlage and use of fun colors and shapes. Super springy!

PB&J Marshmallows. When Bakerella riffs on one of your recipes, you can hear the angels singing. Love this lady, and her puffalicious spin.

Homemade Puffy Cloud S’mores. Perfection, as per usual, from my darling friend Rosie over at Sweetapolita. She tends to always take the good and make it even more sensational.

Homemade Marshmallow Creme. My girl Shelly from Cookies and Cups made homemade fluff with my recipe and then TURNED IT OUT.

Chai Latte Marshmallows. A sophisticated flavor take from Baked Bree, who generally wows in the kitchen.

Blueberry Marshmallows. One of my favorite ways to punch up mallows is with freeze-dried fruit, like they did over at YumSugar.

Margarita Marshmallows. A little something boozy to set your sweet tooth free–worth bookmarking for Cinco de Mayo, si?

  • Your classic vanilla marshmallows are my go-to, all-time-favorite-EVER, spoiled-me-and-I-refuse-to-buy-store-bought-chemically-things marshmallow recipe. I even bought myself your marshmallow cookbook and the Margarita Marshmallows are high on my list of ones I want to make. I need to do it before summer humidity hits!! 🙂

    • This made my day! Thanks, Gina!

    • I love hearing this!

  • So I missed Angie’s post on the PB&J marshmallows, WHAT? I need those major biggie.
    AND, my boys and watched you on Rewrapped…Rock Star status, lady. You shoulda won it all! Also, I kind of wanted to punch Marc Summers in the throat, k thanks.

    • I adore you. xxoo

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  • Hi Shauna – I recently bought your marshmallow book and attempted the basic chocolate recipe this evening. It was easy to make but I did have an issue with the mixture being very thin and spattering quite spectacularly out of my kitchenaid! Is this normal? I am in the uk and used powdered gelatin but measured it out as per your recipe. Also the amount made seems quite small, but I’m thinking maybe some of the mixture ended up on my countertop! Thanks in advance….

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