Jan 15, 2015

All About That Bundt, ‘Bout That Bundt

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Although there’s rarely a time when I’m not unnaturally interested in Bundt cakes, my love for this effortless, humble comfort food has reached a fever pitch in recent weeks. Maybe it’s the comedown from the flurry of fussy, frosted, and sprinkled holiday baking, or maybe, too, it’s because we signed off on the final-final edits for Real Sweet just a few weeks back and I’m no longer (technically) allowed to obsess over the recipes in that book (although there’s a lovely Bundt coming your way in those pages, too). At any rate, the no-frills, no-frosting-required beauty of a Bundt has been high on the list of things that excite me these days. (I know, you should see when I really get down to party. Woot, woot!)

I have a new Bundt recipe from a baking legend coming for you very soon, but in the meantime, if you Like Big Bundts and You Cannot Lie, I thought maybe the following might be as inspiring for you as it is for me.

♥ Take, for example, this recipe from Lottie + Doof. It’s everything a Bundt should be–simple, beautiful, and resourceful when it comes to using up that bunch of bananas that you never got around to eating. But that’s only the beginning.

♥ There’s also my favorite Bundt cake in this whole wide world (in progress, pictured above), that is my go-to when I need to decompress, both through the act of baking, and inserting cake in my face.

♥ My beloved Baked Boys are also Bundt activists, which is only one reason why I love them so. You can find an aBUNDTance (sorry/not sorry) of inspo on Matt’s perfect blog. Also, I owe them my firstborn for helping to propel the Twinkie Bundt Cake from Pure Vanilla  to internet greatness.


♥ Is there any sweet lady who does the Bundt up right better than Dorie Greenspan? I still love her Double Apple Bundt Cake–so perfect, so pretty, with the kind of drippy, glossy, snow-white confectioners’ sugar glaze that makes you wonder why people make such a fuss about precious, buttercreamed layer cakes (although truth be told, I’ll never turn one of those down, either.)

♥ This is a nifty little list of tips for the Bundting success, but I’d also like to add some knowledge dropped by Bundt goddess The Food Librarian–if you normally like to place your cake pans on a baking sheet in the oven, don’t do this with a Bundt or tube pan–the cake needs air circulation through the hollow core of the pan to bake evenly.

♥ Because I am a food history nerd, I found this tidbit about National Bundt Day particularly fun. Of course there are so many PR-driven National “Insert-Dessert-Here” Days now that I can barely keep up, but for the Bundt, I think I can be troubled to mark it down on my calendar.

♥ Of course, a Bundt is not a Bundt without the right pan. Without it, we’d just have miles of sheet cakes–not a world I’d like to imagine. This Nordic Ware pan is my workhorse, while this one and this one (it’s a beebee!) are on my wish list. I might have taken to scanning eBay and Etsy lately for vintage specimens. I might have a problem.



♥ In further celebration of the glorious Bundt pan, can you even stand these geniuses who have actually decorated with Bundt pans, like the happy-happy image from Aesthetic Outburst above?

♥ Related: This post from Pure and Noble just basically blew my mind. Pin, pin, pin!!

♥ This is just glorious.

I would absolutely love to hear about your favorite Bundt recipes, tools, and tricks. Do tell! Feed my addiction, sweet people. Please and thank you.

  • I found a Bundt pan in my dad’s kitchen last weekend and brought it home to live with me now! I’ve been meaning to buy one for years and obviously fate intervened. It looks older than dirt and I love it! I made a Chocolate Bundt with Sour Cream Chocolate Frosting from Joy the Baker’s first book the other day and if you haven’t tried that one, oh boy, you need to. I feel like I might start looking at second hand shops for more vintage pans too – that pic is so pretty!

  • So there I go, surfing for cool Bundt Pans (I want the NW Fleur de Lys bundt pan) and wondering how many cups of frozen ‘nanners I have in the freezer to make the Dorie Greenspan Banana Bundt. And thinking I need to pull out Marshmallow Madness to make some fluff so I can then pull out Pure Vanilla to make the Twinkie Cake. I am *so* making that for dessert on Sunday night. I can’t wait. AND pinning like crazy. (I’m supposed to be working! Shhhhhhhhhh!)

  • chocolate my favorite 🙂 looks so yummylicous…

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