Oct 4, 2018


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Well, hello! Is this thing on? I can’t see you through all the dust. Anyway! If you’re reading this, you might already know what I’ve been up to via Instagram, since I’ve been much better at microblogging life and recipes there. After a couple years’ worth of hard work, the manuscript and photography for book #4 are complete–all about the glorious home baking heritage of the Midwest, with recipes both vintage and new–and soon we’ll move onto the work of taking a machete to it and making it as beautiful and useful as it can be. It’s full of pastries and pie and bars and bake sale treats galore. You can look forward to seeing it out in the world in Fall 2019! (No one ever said cookbook-making is a sprint.)

I wanted to post a quick note here that in the coming weeks, you can expect an all-new website at this address. The blog archives will still be searchable through the new site, so don’t worry about that if there’s a particular recipe you love and always click over here to find (in fact, it should be even easier to find it!). And with any technical luck, if you’re an email subscriber or through a service like Bloglovin’, that shouldn’t be affected either. I hope you’ll stick around for the next leg of the journey–it wouldn’t be the same without you. Onward! xo

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