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May 21, 2012


Happy Monday, dear readers. For those of you following my madness on Twitter and/or The Facebooks, you might have already heard the latest from these parts over the weekend. WE GOT A PUPPY, OMG. He is delicious and high maintenance and we are drowning in a sea of cute and newspaper. I may become one of those bloggers that posts pictures of her puppy now, so just get prepared for some of that. To begin, let me justify such postings by offering proof of just how illegally adorable this puppy is. We’d been looking to add a pup to the family for a while, but have always looked at older dogs, and then we ran into this little guy at a sidewalk SPCA setup and BOOM–game over. His name is Jake, he’s a two month-old Spaniel mix and he’s TOO MUCH.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, it’s time to ask a big favor of all y’all. The other news is that I’ve teamed up with a really fabulous production company to produce a special baking-related project. It’s been in the works for a little while, and we’re finally close to shooting. Here’s where you come in, friends. If you happen to live in NYC or the surrounding area and are available Saturday, June 2nd (or the 3rd for a raindate), I’d for you to come visit for a couple hours and be part of the whole crazy experience, and round out a group activity that we’ll be shooting as part of the project. You may or may not be asked to bring a baked good as the date gets closer, but really, we just need some good people to come hang out for a couple hours who don’t mind appearing on camera. Selfishly, I also love that this could be an opportunity to finally meet some of you in real life and enthusiastically compliment each other’s skin and hair.

So what do ya think? If you’re into it, send me an e-mail at shauna (at) shaunasever (dot) com and I can provide you with more details. This is nuts, right?! I’m pretty pumped about it, and even more so having some of you be part of the action. I’ll be back soon with a cookie recipe that I loved so much, I ate the whole dang batch myself.

May 2, 2012

Margarita Marshmallows

So yesterday was a big day, folks. The sort of day that I’ve been giddy about for weeks on end. Yesterday I got up, mainlined about half a pot of coffee, and actually managed to shower and dress myself before dropping Little C off at school. Post-drop off, I drove to the KQED studios here in San Francisco, got settled in front of a microphone and tried to act like it was a totally normal day. Except it so totally wasn’t. Because I was there to talk with Lynne Rossetto Kasper and record an interview about marshmallows for The Splendid Table. Ohmahgah. 

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Apr 26, 2012

San Francisco’s Food Bloggers’ Bake Sale!

I gotta tell ya, I’m all on edge over here. With the third annual San Francisco Food Bloggers’ Bake Sale coming up this Saturday, it’s a little like Christmas all over again. I’m so serious! All the planning, anticipation, loads of baked goods smelling up the place all delicious-like. The past two years have been full of light and love and butter and sugar, all in the name of a good cause, and we’re expecting this year to be no different. I’m all geeked up, as you may have noticed. Here’s the details:

What: San Francisco Food Bloggers’ Bake Sale
When: Saturday, April 26th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Where: Omnivore Books
3885a Cesar Chavez Street (at Church Street)
San Francisco, CA 94131

 If you’re in the Bay Area, we really would love for you to stop by, say hey, meet some of the best food bloggers around, and try some of their wares for yourself. Bring lots of cash and a big old shopping bag–you’ll be glad you did. (And come Monday, I’ll be sharing a recipe for one of my contributions. It involves cake, coffee, and caramel. So there’s that.)

Hope to see you there!

Apr 1, 2012

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Peeps

I totally get the glory of the drugstore candy aisle at this time of year. Trust me, friends, I do.

(The bag of Reese’s Pastel Eggs in my basket at Walgreens today proves my point.)

(Giant Reese’s Pieces, people, OMG GET SOME.)

But in spite of all the readily available, totally craveworthy store-bought candy that’s only available at Easter, there’s still room to blow minds and influence people with some seriously amazing homemade treats. And I can’t think of too many other things that will make people think you’ve really gone off the deep end and into a Sea of Martha quite like making your own marshmallow peeps. From scratch. I know!

Of course I had to address this very topic in Marshmallow Madness!, and recently I had the chance to shoot a few marshmallow-y how-to videos with the incredible folks at CHOW. Click the image above to check out our latest installment on making your own fluffy, puffy chicks and other mallow shapes, and get ready to let your crafty self run wild.

Mar 17, 2012

Sweet Home Chicago

Really, guys, is it just me, or does being on the internet while riding on an airplane never cease to make you feel like a total baller? Anyway, I am indeed on a plane again, but this time with Little C taking up an exorbitant amount of space for such a small person, all spread out, bored, plugged into a DVD player and stuffing herself with snacks. I, on the other hand, am talking with you, so excited that so many of you have picked up the new book and have taken the time to e-mail, tweet and get all up in your Facebookery about it. And even better, you guys are really using these recipes and riffing on them like the brilliant bloggers participating in Marsh Madness. Hooray!

New York was a total delight, super busy and productive and completely glorious in that I-want-to-toss-my-hat-in-the-air-like-Mary-Tyler-Moore sort of way. I met a bunch of you at Posman Books, made mallows on TV, and met with some very fancy people who made me think about my outfits for two months ahead of time. And the food! I hit up ABC Kitchen, Pastis, Eataly, and positively gorged myself at City Bakery.

And yes, I totally bought a pack of City Bakery’s famed marshmallows, most of which I put in my face very ungracefully on the ride home. They were fabulous, and very different from mine, much sweeter, closer to divinity than my bouncy confection version. Variety is the spice of life, people! For scientific and business purposes, clearly it is my DUTY to find and eat all the marshmallows. ALL OF THEM. I am committed to the cause.

I hope to be back in my home kitchen, wholly glamourized in my sweatpants and favorite apron right quick, making something crazy and telling you all about it. But in the meantime, my next stop is my Sweet Home Chicago, where I will see family, friends, enjoy supposedly record-high temperatures (!!!), and hopefully see you, too. Yes, you! If you live in the area, I would love nothing more than to see your face and meet on the real. I’ll be signing books this weekend and waiting for you to show up! Here’s the details:

Sunday, March 18th :: 12:00-2:00 pm

Barnes and Noble

Deer Park Town Center

20600 North Rand Road

Deer Park, IL 60010

Mar 6, 2012

New York Shenanigans

New York friends! The time has come. To meet each other face-to-face, compliment each other’s skin and hair, and sample marshmallows together (like the Concord Grape gems you see above). I hope you’ll stop by my signing for Marshmallow Madness! at the swoon-worthy Posman Books at Chelsea Market tomorrow evening. Check the fluffy, puffy details:

Posman Books

Chelsea Market

6:30 p.m.

See you there! I’ve got my bags packed with loads of mallows, marshmallow-making tools, clothes that aren’t pajamas (plus accessories!!), and little ziptop bags of confectioners’ sugar that basically ensure my luggage will be completely torn up by the TSA. Let’s do this, NYC!

Feb 28, 2012

Marshmallow Madness!

Well, the big day has arrived, friends. Like a sweet, fluffy, puffy brand new baby, my first cookbook all about the art of homemade marshmallows becomes a part of the cookbook world today! I hope you’ll pick up a copy, cook from it, and of course report back.

Even if I hadn’t written it, I’d tell you that it’s a super fun little book, full of all sorts of flavors and riffable recipes, baking tips and crafty edible gift ideas. It’s got everything from the classics like vanilla and chocolate, to fresh and fruity flavors, boozy cocktail-inspired mallows, stuff for the adventurous foodie types (I’m looking at you, Maple Bacon and Pineapple-Rosemary) and novelty flavors for kids of all ages (bubble gum and Kool Aid mallows, anyone?). There’s even a dessert section that teaches you how to incorporate homemade marshmallow into a bevy of sweet treats, and how to transform it into irresistible frostings and fillings. Overall, it’s a glorious celebration of sugar in which I hope you will fearlessly partake.

You know, the whole time I was writing this book, testing recipes and generally living life like a Morgan Spurlock documentary while surrounded by unfathomable amounts of white sugar and corn syrup, I thought about you guys. I thought about how you might use this book, and what you’d need to know to have the most fantastically enjoyable marshmallow-making experience possible.  So I hope all of that comes through and that you have a heck of a great time working from this little book. Enjoy!

Pick up a copy of Marshmallow Madness! at your nearest bookstore (harassing them if they don’t have it on their shelves), or order a copy from the good folks at Amazon


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